As a kid I kept two things right by me in my room: a little white Emerson radio; plastic, with ridges in the front. I could listen late at night to the Phillies’ baseball games from San Francisco – at least until a run scored and I made too much noise, and my mom came in and turned it off…

and up on the top of my bureau, was a small white glow-in-the-dark cross with a built in base. At night the whole thing glowed. I loved it. It was a sacred space and I was ten.

Ten was also the age at which my dad talked to me about politics, labor unions, corruption, Native American solidarity, and sports (oh – and how to be a pint-sized partner/fill-in fourth at gin rummy, Pinochle (anyone play?), poker, and Bid Wist.

My spiritual path, my awareness, sensual and sacred places have changed and been winding and fascinating.  My political awareness and subsequent education have all served to deepen my truthseeking and researching. I’ll share it as we talk and grow Oneness and bring in all the facets, challenges, and activism of spreading the reality that we are ALL ONE. Practicing is the hardest part.  Deconstructing the spin, the fallacious constructs built to keep us divided and therefore vulnerable.

So let’s get on the train because it’s been cruising from station to station already. Let’s rock. Namaste.

My home guys – yeah!!!