Who we are Being

Good question!

Here’s my vision for ONEness Warrior below. This begins as Who I Am Being…

I believe I am a Spirit in Human Experience, expressing the Reality of Something More.

What is that Something More? I know what it is for me. I can share that – and I shall.  What that More is will be different for each and every person – if they are honest with themSelves, in their deepest most personal corner of their Spirit and Heart.

Diverse is Who We Are. That encompasses Differences that don’t Harm.  Speaking of ‘Harm,’ that the Precautionary Principle is one of the CPs (core principles) of this site.  I’ve attached a copy Precautionary Principle, example (SF)

that will give you a sense of how we feel.

Here, no one is better than anyone else. A set of books I recommend are Neale Donald Walsh’s, “Conversation with God.” I also recommend his, “Little Soul in the Sun,” and “The New Revelations.”  Kick-ass books, and when I read them in England, awaiting getting married to my sweetie, I read Book 1 of Conversations with God straight through.  One thing I recall vividly was me shaking my head ‘Yes’ about 4 million times!

Now you can get every one of the above books, used, for a dollar or not much more.  Neal is still kicking about and brilliant.  He taught me that the Message and the Messenger are not the same thing – and for that I am totally grateful.  He taught me many things though – how to be bold; to go for it. I created and coordinated a World Love Tour in 2007.  Never, ever had I ever done anything like that before.  I one-footed it in front of the other; had help; and it was successful! In ten countries!!!

Okay, so I’m going to pause here, since other things call me.  But, come back, okay?  I’m just getting started and it’s really important and cool and Rocking!  Thanks. Peace. It’s Who We Are and that rocks!