I ‘met’ a minister today and found a book by two pastors

And Today is interesting. Buenas, queridos.


The above book is one I recommend for thinking Christians who everyday strive to walk beside Jesus (man/metaphor/messiah, no matter to me; and I neither mind nor particularly care what you believe about him.)

It’s, thus far, and I’m still reading, is written by two pastors who see things clearly (having probably scraped more Dark off the Looking Glass than many of us), and are speaking to we the people as reasoned, thinking folks. They’re straight talks and explain things clearly.

And on Facebook, I met a minister who sent me a friend request and I accepted. He, too, is a Christian who speaks authentically and not the psycho-babble that Xtians use. If the spiritual belief you have is working toward actualizing the ONEness that is real, then cool. If your belief systems is about Hate, Separation, Division, you are following a lesser god…

All in all, this is a pretty cool day practicing ONEness. To God/Universe/Life (and my elementals): Keep up the great work!!!