Allergic…to Fools —My First Daily Prompt!

As with Allergies, which are specific to the person afflicted, there are specific fools that are more or less irritating, depending on your specific short fuse for putting up with that kind of Non Sense.  What is a Fool?  Well, the nearest (or fartherst) point of definition might be that Jesus wasn’t particularly fond of fools.  Think it was because he spoke clearly, and thought they should/might know better? Perhaps those foolish folks had their own agenda (you know, like the foolish virgins story?) Agendas can obscure truths that are laying there just waiting to be picked up and examined for veracity, because the Agenda Screen mental device is dense – making it hard to see what’s just laying there…before our faces.  The worst allergic reaction to fools can be that moment they truly don’t understand why you haven’t come to believe exactly the way they do – no matter the lack of Scraping the Dark off the Looking Glass in order to see clearly – seeing clearly is not a requisite of the Fool.  The Agenda Screen mental devise has become stronger and ever more dense.  My suggestion is to take the strongest Allergy medicine out there.  It’s known as:  Fool-Be-Gone Allergy Fool Avoidance Remedy – 100% guaranteed. Follow the instructions and your allergy will be gone within 24-48 hours.