Patterns…with a righteous video and truths

If you don’t collaborate – engage with each other – whether it be the hood or the heights or the global community of people – you are being propagandized

And you always have been if you believe that people who do the same thing as you do are somehow ‘different’… ‘the other’…’less than you.’  We actually do many of the same things…

That would be going

To a wage job that requires little to no skill or talent to get through the day…

To an hourly/wage job that requires – no – does not want you to know any more than you are told to do. Do it productively/faster/meet a quota/push…

No more overtime. Bosses can’t afford to pay you for working hours you would otherwise spend with family/friends/creative pursuits/just plain being – so they simply take it away.  They have taken away essential rights (the right to have free time…the right to choose…) and now pay nothing for overtime; or have tweaked it so cleverly, it is always sure to benefit the company to the detriment of the people working there.

And for the disappearing Middle Class – you work how many hours a week?  How much else, how many things to fill your time? Tired at the end of the day…worried you might be in the process of becoming them


Moving to addressing a few comments in the moment so we stay on track, yes, please?

I am well aware that there are dishonest/creepy/hateful/ignorant/mean/criminal/etc people in every.single.level. of Life.

The aforementioned people are not all in the groups you don’t like/hate/fear/etc.  Hello?

These microcosmic vignettes are realities.  Do they happen all the time? Tell me first what happens all.the.time., k?

All the time…

Let’s talk for a bit about Patterns, yes?

Patterns of Oppression

Patterns of ignoring “bad” things

Patterns of hyper-individualism and paranoia

Patterns of Apartheid and Genocide that have been and are going on the whole of my lifetime.

In those days, we were taught to believe that all policemen are there to help you, are always kind, and you never have to fear them.

We believed what we were taught.

In those days, we were taught to believe that all pastors, priests, et al were the connection to God (mostly the God who looks like the particular humans doing the believing in any given moment) and that we should not question their word…even if it hurts.

We believed what we were taught.

And the patterns repeat on up the spectrum of power to the top, where we are taught to believe that our Congress (or whatever it is called where you are) is honorable, serves the people’s interests, cares about our welfare; that they are well-educated and intelligent, compassionate men who are well-versed in the massive tasks they are shouldering…responsibility and integrity always at the forefront…they lead by example…

We believed what we were taught.

In those days (and for some, still) there is an All-knowing God/Allah/Yahweh/et al, to whom you must show absolute obedience or (pick your own consequence of not believing or not believing in the proper manner according to in-the-know-because-they-have-a-direct-understanding of God/Allah/Yahweh/et al).  Kind, all for the benefit of the little sinners from whom God/Allah/Yahweh et al will exact revenge for misdeeds in drastic fashion. Established religion has always been either the Power or the handmaiden-to-Power.  Fact. Peace be upon them all, bless their hearts.

We believed what we were taught – the Book of Separation and Fear (from whence comes Hate.)


Times change, yes.  Patterns repeat – normally to the determinant of our body/mind/spirit.  Here are three examples in the excellent video, and this will, I hope, be an ongoing discussion about how we – ONEness warriors – see people – other humans.  Do we see them?  What are our opinions of them? Our learned responses?


Ireland and their principled stances of Human Rights, in this case, Palestine and Israel.

The information this young man gives is Truth.  For anyone Irish, I’d welcome your aware opinion.  The patterns for all three examples (and there are more; my own research has brought me articles, graphics, horrific pictures. For this one, I agree with every.single.thing. he said.  It can all be fact-checked and there’s so much more he couldn’t get to in 30 minutes.


If you truly intend to be aware…

Note:  If you are not going to invest the 30 minutes to watch this critically important video, then please don’t bother to post because all I’m interested in is a reasoned dialogue.  That means you actually have to watch the video; get the information; hey! Maybe even take notes, eh?  No links or videos on this particular thread.  Why?

I want us to talk about one huge issue at a time.  The gamut of fallacious constructs can remain for another thread.

This is an opportunity to look at our Selves and say, Fuck!  For real?  Or “Oh my!”  I really believe you will feel what he is saying at a very deep level, if you are not closed to a New Day Coming, and we’re right here in the middle of the paradigm shift.

Os quiero, hermanos. xoxox